A Trip Down Memory Lane - Ladret Designs 111SE
First kit car i ever really found and got excited about was the Ladret III se. I recall during my high school years sending away and receiving photos of this amazing kit car. it blew me away that it was a possibility to have a copy of the dream car on my wall with out spending the huge amounts of money. I soon learned real quick the amount of actual work required to make the chassis and frame was far beyond anything i could imagine or do.

In 1984 Rod Ladret of Ladret Design Studio located in Alberta Canada began producing and marketing a replica of the Countach. The form for the kit was sculpted from plaster and then a fiberglass mold was made of the form. The kits and cars Ladret design Studio built included a tube frame chassis with an American V8 power plant. Ladret Design Studio built 141 of these replicas and the industrial clients who purchased his fiberglass forms have built several thousand over the past two decades. As of 2007 there are still several companies building kits based on Ladret’s forms built in 1984. Rod Ladret had moved to British Columbia at some point and involved himself in a few more designs. In 1993 Ladret ceased manufacturing the Countach replica and moved on to other projects.

From around 1985 until the late 1990s several companies replicated the Countach to various degrees of success. In 1985, Gary Thompson and Pete Jackson hired a real Countach from an up-market Manchester car hire company and took a glass fiber mold of it. This mold resulted in a number of UK-based manufacturers producing their own Countach replicas. A few were able to produce remarkably good replicas, including Paul Lawrenson of Prova Cars, Alan Booth of Sienna Cars, Phil Cheetham of Mirage replicas, and Brightwheel replicas.

[Image: Ladret-Countach-1988-02.jpg]

[Image: Ladret-IIIE.jpg]

[Image: Ladret-advert-1986.jpg]

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